Why is it that when I’m writing, all I want to do is edit? Yet when I’m editing, I just want to be writing?

And no matter what, when I edit, I act like a complete maniac.


That was the organized state of chaos. Not it’s…


That. Total madness.

When I’m writing, at the end of the day, I normally feel accomplished if I hit my word count or write a great scene. But editing is a compulsion. It fries my nerves to have chapters or scenes that aren’t fixed, or to see work that still needs to be done at the end of the day.

But the great thing about editing is that you get to see your story as a whole instead of just ideas. It becomes this puzzle that you have to work out and fiddle with until the pieces fit. So it’s a stressful process, but it’s a satisfying one.

Even if it makes me twitchy and manic.

As for the state of Project Fear University (changed the name from Tick Tock), my new YA paranormal/folklore novel, I’ve just started digging into edits after a thorough read through. It’s my goal to have revisions done and ready to query this project to agents in August/September. Fingers crossed!!

Editing Mania
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