Why I started this blog…

I will be releasing my first novel in January and in all my marketing research, the one thing I kept coming across was blogging. I kept reading that it was a necessity for writers. Imagine my dismay.

I was into Facebook in, like, high school. I totally missed the Twitter bus. I think I had a Myspace once. Maybe? Whatever, my point is that I really really really didn’t want to blog.

I didn’t want to blog about myself. Because let’s be honest, at this point, who cares? I also couldn’t write about how to write, because I am still blundering through that myself. Write about my experiences? Let’s be honest. I have a 9-5 job, a horse that I show competitively, a husband, and a mastiff puppy. My great experience this week? I took a shower.

So those blog ideas were out.

Color me daunted.

So I got to thinking…writers are always told to write the stories that we would want to read, right? So what kind of blog would I want to read?

I can only read so much self-help blogs before I turn into a blubbering, tear-streaked heap of “holy crap, I can’t do this.” And reading about other people’s exciting lives depresses me.

But I love reading about people. I enjoy hearing about moments of struggle and how they are overcome.  Nothing is more real than reading about the high and low moments in someone’s life. It’s an authentic connection – person to person, story to story.

So maybe I could write about that? I tweeted my idea out on my Twitter (which I’m addicted to now, by the way) and the response I received was outstanding. People were genuinely interested in the idea.


So now I have a ton of people who want to share their stories. How exciting? Definitely.

That’s why I started this blog. So that I can share the stories of all the fine folk in the writing industry – aspiring writers, published writers, editors, bloggers, whoever.  I want to spread support through other people’s words.

I know for me, sometimes I just need to hear about another person’s struggle. I need to know that I am not alone. Every now and then, I have to hear certain words. Most of the time I have no idea what I need to hear, not until I hear them. But when I do, I find the strength to continue along this road to publication. I hope, for this blog’s sake, that I am not alone. Maybe you need to someone’s words? Hopefully you will find them here.

I would also take this time to warn future readers. I suck at grammar, especially commas. Apologies. My reliance on spell check is purely a consequence of my generation’s texting obsession. I try to be funny. So I’m sorry if I’m weird at times and not at all funny.

That’s it.

You can call me Meg, but only because my mom hates it.

Thanks J

Oh! Also, leave comments. Let’s talk. Let’s connect. Let’s build a community.


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