When I ended the End of Days series with “The Only One,” I knew Michaela and Gabriel’s story ended there. It was a point, I thought, that let readers use their imaginations to fill in what happened later. I knew, however, that Clark’s story wasn’t finished. I planned to wrap up his tale with a book sometime next year.


Due to the nearly overwhelming outpouring of love and support for Clark’s story, I’ve decided to re-arrange my planned schedule for next year and start right away on Clark’s book. But for those of you who know and love Clark, you know he’s a little different. So I wanted to do something a little different for him too…

I’ve decided to take his story and make it a serial series called Days of New. What this means is that I will take what would’ve been three novels and turn them into shorter serials that are released every two weeks. I plan for nine serials at this point with the first releasing on April 6, 2015, entitled “Speaking of the Devil.” Like I said, they will release every two weeks after that.

Please note: I know some authors have abused this serial format in the past. They leave you hanging with awful cliffhangers and no resolution. Some readers think the serial format is just a way to take advantage of a reader’s enthusiasm for the story and make money off of it. I really, really, really want to set my serials apart from this standard.

I hope you will have the faith in me and know that I would never do this. While I like my endings to be thought-provoking and exciting and slightly cliff-hanger-ish, I will write each serial so that it is a little story in its own right. I hope to achieve a sense of understanding and resolution in each book while still cultivating a sense of excitement and anticipation for the next serial.

So, at the end of each book, there will be a pre-order option for the next book in the series. All pre-orders will be priced at $0.99. Full price upon release will go up to $1.99.

AND! As a gift to the fans and my newsletter subscribers, I will send out the first book FREE via email. It’s super easy to download and all that, I promise. If you would like to go on and sign up for my newsletter, here is the link.

Let me know your thoughts on this format! And if you have any specific things you want resolved or would like to see in the series, let me know that too! I love hearing from y’all, and this is really a series for the fans, so I want it to be as interactive as possible!


Goodreads link here!

Cover for “Speaking of the Devil” will come in January! Expect awesomeness 🙂

Big News for “End of Days” Series Fans