Hey y’all! So, as a writer, I’m always struggling to find great places to advertise that not only get me the downloads but are also cost efficient. A while back, I posted some of my favorite sites to advertise and some of my not-so-favorite sites. You can find that post here.

But I wanted to take a quick second and mention a new site I found. It’s called The Midlist. They send out a newsletter with bargain book deals to subscribers and also post on Facebook. I submitted my free book, The Hunted One, to be listed, and it was chosen!

Did I mention this site is FREE?!?!?! Cause it is.

So, my “ad” ran in their newsletter yesterday. They also posted it on Facebook. They have around 33k Likes.

By the end of the day yesterday (midnight), I had over 1500 downloads!!! This bumped me into the #1 spot in my categories, and put me around the 100 ranking spot (give or take a few spots. That fluctuates so much that it’s hard to track).

The Midlist also has a paid advertising option that I’m sure I will try out soon. But if you’re looking for a great place to advertise, this is it!

Sh!t I Learned Today: Great new advertising option!